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Wakeboard Rack

Indy Wakeboard rack is different.

Not all wakeboard racks are created equal.
Yes they may look similar in pictures.
You might think they do the same job.
Do they really?

The founder of Indy has been creating, wakeboard racks for over 10 years.

With a huge amount of knowledge and 1000’s of sales.
Creating racks for other brands on the market.
Customers positive and negative feedback.
Jim really knows what works and what does not work.
He has been able to innovate and solve the complaints.

The small finer details of the Indy Wakeboard rack is the difference.

All other brands wakeboard rack gaps/slots are parallel.
This allows your expensive boards will hit each other.
You will not know until you use them.
People just put up with this as they know nothing else.
Indys racks have a wedge shape to lock in the boards edge.
Plus the middle finger is tapered thicker on the outside.
This keeps your expensive wakeboards apart. No Hitting!

The Indy board racks are easy to install.

2.5inch solid machine 6061 Aluminium clamps.
Rubber inserts for 2.25inch and 2inch size  tower tubes.
The board racks clamp can rotate and level out on your tower.

Our innovative patent 3 finger angle positioning!

No other brand has this adjustment.
Allows you to get that little bit extra adjustment.
It caters for your the inwards angle of your towers legs.
We know rear legs are not the same angle on every boat.
There are three position to get correct angle for you boards.
You are not just stuck with whatever like other racks.

Protect your wakeboard racks fingers from damage whilst travelling.

Two options available.
Quickly remove the base plate and fingers via our 1 x center bolt.
Leave the clamp attached to tower.


Our innovative system allow you to leave the rack attached.
Remove 1 x bolt from your rack finger and swing the whole finger.
Face the finger downwards and inside the boat, outline.

Another finer detail that you can not see on our wakeboard racks.

The internal workings of our mushroom shape rubber bumpers.
We machine a 4mm channel the full length of the inside of the fingers.
The Rubber is then embedded into the 4mm machined channel.
These rubber bumpers are there to protect you wakeboards.
The finer detail attention is the difference in making pure performance products.

Check out our Wakeboard Rack  

IP protected patented Wakeboard rack.

Indy Wakeboard Tower.