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Best Tower Deck Mounts


In 2010 Indy created the rotating mount.

To solve issues of wake tower mounts.
No more double knuckle hinge joints.
No need to perfectly, align double hinge.
No need to square up to fit your boat.
No need to perfect align to fold tower.
No exposed ugly bolts.
No ugly multiple joints sticking out.
No pressure on boat from hinge joint.
No more stripped out fittings to replace.

Indy rotating deck mounts makes life easier:

Easy to install & lock in solid.
Still rotate under pressure.
Saves time during installation.
No exact alignment need.
Easy to fold down your tower.
Smoothly rotates.
No pressure on your boats deck.
The bolts are hidden.

Jim developed this deck mount as he needed
a solution to the problems he & his customers
faced installing his old range of products.

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