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Wakeboard Tower

What makes a great wakeboard tower!

$799 Wakeboard tower-view details.

Easy to Install
Easy to fold
No Polishing
Fully welded
Factory Style

The finder details is the difference!

Pictures might look similar.
Not all wakeboard towers are created equal.
Indy is different.

A Unique IP2 wakeboard tower system.
(No other tower on the market like it)

Created by Jim to solve
The time adjusting, drilling, bolting tops
The ugly look of telescopic top bolts & tubes.
The time aligning double knuckle joints.
The ugly chunky look of old knuckle joints
The exposed grub screws and bolts on
universal towers.

NOW there is

NO telescopic top section to drill.
NO telescopic top section to slide.
NO small grub screws to replace.
NO small grub screws to tighten.
NO double knuckle joints to align.
NO double knuckles for lowering.
NO large exposed bolts.

IP2 creates a Fully welded seamless tower.
Competes with factory fit OEM wake towers.

Easy to Install

Single bolt rotating mounts easy to install.
No exact alignment required like other brands.
No telescopic top to adjust and drill and bolt.

A fully welded tower that will fit your boat.
The natural curves & angles Jim created will
adjust and flow with your boats natural shape.

Easy to fold

Rotating mounts allow you to lower the tower.
Smooth and easy by one person.
No other tower has the rotating system.
See our folding wakeboard tower video.

Notice the joint is single and seamless like
factory, custom tower. No double knuckle.

Rated the best wakeboard tower for a reason.

Function, Looks, Price, Quality & Value