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Liquid Wakeboard Tower Bimini - INDY 1580V - Black

Liquid Wakeboard Tower Bimini - INDY 1580V - Black

Indy Wakeboard tower bimini top, the best wakeboard tower bimini top on the wakeboard tower market. 62 inch wade cover, adjustable to suit most towers on the market. The best looking flat style wakeboard tower bimini top on the market.


This will suit other wakeboard tower tops, such as Monster tower and other generic Universal towers such as Aerial, Origin, Reborn, Big Air & Krypt tower

An exclusive innovative design patent created by INDY in 2008. beware of copies on the market, The Indy wakeboard tower bimini top which is fully adjustable to suit your tower. The wakeboard tower bimini top can slide forwards or backwards for minor adjustments. The hanging support arms can be at the front or rear of the bimini, meaning they can also face down wards to your front for attachment or the car rotate around the frame and pivot upwards to attach to the top bar of your wakeboard tower. The other cross bean bar is fully pin adjustable to attach between either your front or rear legs and attach to the clamps on your wakeboard tower legs. The system we have designed requires no cutting and is the strongest on the market. You can load up the top of the bimini with wakeboards, tubes, waterskis. You can also purchase aftermarket Bimini top racks to go on top of the bimini. Making this the most universal flat style wakeboard tower bimini to the best on the market. We do allow a couple of brands, Origin, Reborn and Krypt towers use our registered design.

A Unique feature is the removable canopy system. No other Bimini has this feature. You can undo the zipper and velcro system to allow for the material canopy to be removed whilst travelling down the freeway, so less wind pressure and drag behind your vehicle. You can just remove the canopy for storage, leaving the frame attached to give you more years of use out of your investment. See above product video wakeboard tower bimini showing features.

A unique feature of our bimini top, is the rotating end fittings on the adjustable beam. When you attach to a Liquid or Liquid pro tower across the front legs, it allows you to detach the rear support arms and pivot the bimini for lowering it down with your Liquid or Liquid Pro tower. No need to completely remove from the tower.

For extra safety whilst out on the water with family and friends you can attach our Bimini top mirror, attaching around the front bar of the bimini it is easy to adjust for different drivers to see behind them, checking the rider, passengers and rear approaching boats.

You can fit this universal indy wakeboard tower bimini top to other wakeboard towers. check out our photo gallery.

We use only genuine marine grade VIII, UV resistant material for the canopy as we want our products to last in the marine environment. We use strong stiff 304 stainless steel for our frames and steel hardware. You do need to maintain the frame with regular polishing and cleaning. The mounting clamps are alloy 6061 Aircraft CNC machined with rubber inserts to product your tower.

How to check the bimini is correct size for your wakeboard tower.

  • Mark the height you want the tower bimini to sit at on your wakeboard tower at the front and also rear legs.
  • Now measure across the boat from side to side between the front legs.
  • Write down this measurement and repeat the process for the rear legs.
  • The smallest measurement is what you need.
  • If the smallest measurement is more than 62 inches the wakeboard tower bimini with fit.

Size of the Pro wakeboard tower bimini top

Large 1580V model – 62 in (W) x 75 in (L) or 1.6m (W) x 1.9m (L)

Size of clamps 2.5inch clamps with 2.25inch rubber inserts.
If you have different size smaller tube say 2 inch let us know upon ordering.

For over the top wakeboard tower bimini set up you will need to purchase our T raisers this will allow you to mount the tower above your tower point by attaching the clamps and T raisers to your towers top bar point them upwards and attach to the solid adjustable cross beam. Have the support arms facing down so they can attach to the front legs of you tower. This is easy to set up on our Liquid towers as seen in the pics.

The wakeboard tower bimini will also fit like this on a number of other aftermarket brands, such as Origin, Reborn, Monster, Aerial, BigAir waketowers , Krypt etc. Contact us with the brand and model and we will check for you.

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