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In 2006 an idea was born in a townhouse garage Sydney Australia. The founder wanted to create an affordable, wakeboard tower brand for families. After becoming frustrated with the high prices for a basic shape and limited brand options at the time to the average family man. The founder thought he must not be the only person having these issues so he decided to release his own range of towers. Boat shops laughed at the idea when he first approached them, they said ‘ you will be lucky to sell a few ‘ Indy now sells in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & UK.

Three distinctive wakeboard towers, plus many different shaped wakeboard racks, waterski racks, Kneeboard combo racks and wakeboard tower speaker pods from 6 inch to 8 inch pods and light bars combos were created and released on the market.

The first Generation of Indy Wakeboard Towers.

The  Indy Air tower (JSKL) was the first and flagship of the Indy Wakeboard towers first generation wake towers. It was new and distinctive looking wakeboard tower looking new to the market. It is a rock solid design with side bars and double top section, fully adjustable to may your bowrider look mean. It could fold down flat and adjust in width to fit just about any boat on the market. This tower is still being rebranded, copied and sold by many popular brands around the world today.

The basic Liquid tower was next. Its sleek, simple adjustable single top bar, made this a great option on smaller narrow boats. For the person who wanted a wakeboard tower to just blend in with there boat. The tower hit the market and took over with its entry level cost, great performance and adjustable to suit a high range styles of boats. This basic wakeboard tower has been re badged, copied and sold all around the world and still does today.

The upper level of the first Indy range was the Diamond tower, We were the first Aftermarket tower company in the world to introduce a solid CNC machined rear leg, this blade style rear leg was big solid and chunky. The base plates of the racks were built into the rear legs in the shape of a Diamond. engraved with Indy. This tower also, has been re badge, copied and sold around the world under different names.

Some of the products first created and released on the market. (Learn more read posts)

Universal fitting Flat Style wakeboard tower Bimini top
Kneeboard Wake Combo rack.
Internal wiring for wakeboard tower speaker pods.
True Rotating deck mounts.
Adjustable angle rack fingers.
Rotating rack fingers inside boat line.
Universal & adjustable Bimini Top Racks.
Indy IP2 tower mounting system.

In 2010 Indy released the current innovative designs, reinventing the Universal wakeboard tower, and closing the gap between the universal & factory custom wakeboard tower market.

Our current range of towers look like they were fitting to your boat at the factory before you boat rolled out the door.

The Range is rated one of the best wakeboard towers in the world for a reason.

The difference is in the finer details of all Indy wakeboard towers Products.

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