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Liquid Wakeboard tower Speakers - INDY - Glossy Black - B-ISPA2.5B

Liquid Wakeboard tower Speakers - INDY - Glossy Black - B-ISPA2.5B

Glossy Black Indy wakeboard tower speakers, great quality and performance. fit 2.5ich or 2.25inch towers. Stamped indy logo and star.

LIQUID Wakeboard Tower Speakers - GLOSSY BLACK

A pair of wakeboard tower speakers and pods. Installing the tower speakers are easy with our rotating clamp. Once you attach the clamps, remove the install speaker grill and speaker and undo the bolts inside that attach to the clamp from the inside. You can then rotate the speaker pod in the direction you require, great for curved wakeboard tower top bars. you will also notice a hole that goes from inside the speaker pod through the clamp. Use this for access into your wake tower tube.  This will keep you wires protected from the elements and allow you to run them inside the tower top tube and down the front legs into the boat.

We also make sure of quality raw materials so the pods are pressed and machined out of 6061 aircraft alloy.  We ensure that the correct thickness of the pods is maintained for the best quality sound production.

Clamps are 2.5inch with 2.25inch rubber inserts.

Speaker Specs :

Old Polk design speakers rebranded as our owns.

Overall dimensions 6.5inch.
Mounting dia 155mm.
Nominal Impedence: 40 +/-15%
Resistance: 3.6
Net weight: 1150g(390z)
Resonant Frequency: 68Hz+/-20% 1V
RMS: Continious
Nominal Power Handling: 60W (EIA RS-426B 8 hours)
Max Power handling: 120W (IEC268-5, 10 minutes)
Magnet size & weight: dia 90 x 45 x 17mm 397.26g (140z)
Freq Response: FO-20Khz+/20%-10dB from SPL

The difference is in the finer details.

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