Welcome To Indy Wakeboard Towers

Step1: Install the clamps on the tower referring to the positions as shown in below picture. The positions of clamps are very important to ensure you get the best shape of the bimini.

Step2: Measure the distance between the left and right clamp, then assemble the stainless frame as shown in the picture, use the pins to adjust the width of the bimini feet as close as the tower clamps you just measured.

Attention: The longer bimini leg with nylon strap attach to rear leg, and the short legs attach to front leg.

Step3: Install the stainless frames on the tower.

Step4: Put the canopy onto the stainless frame, the zipper design makes this step very easy.

Step5: Adjust the canopy fit the frame evenly, tighten the canopy with straps.

When you don't use the bimini top, you can fold it and wear the boot as show in below picture.

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